green villas

Green Villas are beautiful designed and architect villas suited for all budget groups. We offer premium luxury villas with unique rustic architecture perfectly designed to match the taste of Nature lovers. All rooms provide sufficient ventilation for the sunlight and breeze for you to celebrate nature at its best.  All our homes are designed keeping better space utilization in mind. All Villas comes with all amenities and facilities at our project.

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Royal Villa

Plot Area: 4306 Sq.Ft, Built-Up Area: 2841 Sq.Ft

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Sky Villa

Plot Area: 2153 Sq.Ft., Built-Up Area 1893 Sq.Ft.


Sun Villa

Plot Area : 2153 Sq.Ft. , Built-Up Area: 1668 Sq.Ft.

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Palm Villa

Plot Area : 1076 Sq.Ft., Built-Up Area 1148 Sq.Ft.

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studio apartments

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Big Studio Room

Built-Up Area: 528 Sq.Ft.

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1RK Studio Apartment

Built-Up Area 468 Sq.Ft.